Original Title: Appreciation of Artistic Photographic Works and Pictures of Famous Knives (Issue 3) Art photography picture appreciation, pure appreciation!!! Kiku Matsuda Kiku KM-520 Silver Dragon Length: 530 MM Blade length: 330 MM Blade thickness: 8.3 MM Blade: OU-31 Hardness: 60-62 HRC Handle material: Micata Attachment: K sheath Weight: 980 G Origin: Japan Expand the full text Kiku Matsuda Matsuda KM-170 FUJIN Thor Overall Length 47.5 CM Blade Length 29.1 CM Blade Thickness 1 CM Blade Width 4.6 CM Material OU-31 Hardness 64HRC Handle Micarta Accessories Kydex Sheath Origin Japan Kiku Matsuda KM-430 Kiku "Souryu" (Soryu) Total length 56 CM Blade length 37.6 CM Blade thickness 0.84 CM Blade width 5.8 CM Material OU-31 Hardness 62 HRC Handle Micata Attachment Kydex blade sheath Weight 1150.4 G Origin: Japan LUCIA super PD613 steel hand blade 1.7 cm thick The total length is 38 cm Blade: PD613 Hardness: 59-61 HRC Blade thickness 1.7 cm Handle material: carbon fiber Attachment: K sheath Chris Reeve USA Large Inkosi Plain LH Drop Point Big Sand Left Hand Edition Overall length: 212 mm Blade length: 85.5mm Blade thickness: 3.5mm Blade width: 28.5mm Blade: CPM-S35VN Closure: 122mm Weight: 139g Origin: USA MICROTECH AMPHIBIAN Claw Label Knife Discontinued Out of Print Total length: 21 cm Blade material D2 Origin: United States MICROTECH SOCOM's 1999 collection of ashes! Absolutely rare!!! Discontinued and out of print Length: 230 MM Blade length: 100 MM Blade thickness: 3.8 MM Blade: 154 CM Hardness: 58-60 HRC Handle material: aluminum alloy Blade type: TANTO Lock: line lock Weight: 129 G Origin: USA Nemoto Japanese Nemoto Small Straight Knife with Hollow Handle Length: 195 MM Blade length: 105 MM Blade thickness: 6.3 MM Blade material: D2 Hardness: 58-60 HRC Handle: G10 Attachment: K sheath Blade type: water dropper Weight: 203 G Origin: Japan Austrian Glock fighting knife, 81 back teeth, 78 full blade Fornax CPM-D2 Handmade Mirrored Micarta Handle Length: 500 MM Blade length: 310 MM Blade thickness: 6.5 MM Blade material: D2 Hardness: 59-61 HRC Handle material: Micata Attachment: Sheath Weight: 609 G Fornax Handmade Lucia PD613 Steel Micarta Handle Length: 265 MM Blade length: 140 MM Blade thickness: 5.4 MM Blade: PD613 Hardness: 58-60 HRC Handle material: Micata Attachment: K sheath Weight: 330 G We Knife Company 815 Double Helix Slide Lock Folding Knife Overall length: 200.7 mm, blade length: 83.8mm, shank length: 116.9 mm, blade thickness: 4mm, blade material: CPM S35VN,titanium exhaust tubing, hardness: 60HRC, shank material: 6Al4V titanium folding knife system: ceramic ball bearing, weight: 129g WE KNIFE WE712F Fin Whale M390 Steel Titanium Handle Quick Break Knife Length: 21.9 CM Blade length: 9 CM Blade thickness: 0.4 CM Blade: M390 Hardness: 59-61HRC Surface: Stone wash Handle: 6AL4V Titanium Alloy Ceramic Ball Bearing Locking: Replaceable alloy lock head for integrated frame lock Weight: 140g Packing: Knife bag carton WE KNIFE 716E M390 Steel Carbon Fiber Titanium Handle Quick Folding Knife Length: 200 MM Blade length: 90 MM Blade thickness: 3.9 MM Blade: M390 Hardness: 60-62 HRC Handle material: titanium alloy Locking: integrated lock Weight: 109 G Kizlyar Russian Kizlyar Blade Double Blade One Side Tooth One Side Blade Stalker Tactical Straight Knife Length: 300 MM Blade length: 150 MM Blade thickness: 4.9 MM Blade: AUS-8 Hardness: 59 HRC Handle material: rubber Attachment: Sheath Weight: 307 G Origin: Russia Russian kizlyar Kizlyar KO-1 double-edged dagger Made of Russian special corrosion-resistant high-carbon steel, with hardness of about 58,titanium tubing price, total length of 300mm, blade length of 170mm, handle: anti-skid rubber, blade thickness of 4.8mm. Cold Steel Cold Steel 26SP 4 inch Zy-ExTi-Lite Fast Single Hand Quick Opening Small Folding Knife Overall length: 22.23 cm Blade length: 10.16 cm Closing: 13 cm Blade material: AUS 8 A Hardness: 58-60HRC Surface: Satin Blade thickness: 0.3cm Handle length: 12.07 cm Handle material: Zytel/440A steel 0 degree quench lock Type: Wire lock Weight: 0.11 kg Origin: Taiwan 、 Coldsteel USA Cold Steel 26B4 S35VN Powder Steel Aluminum Handle Swordfish Small 4 Length: 235 MM Blade length: 100 MM Blade thickness: 3 MM Blade: S35VN Hardness: 58-60 HRC Handle material: aluminum alloy Blade type: water dropper Lock: line lock Weight: 134 G Origin: Taiwan Benchmade Butterfly 531 BK Mel Pardue Design Blade Two-Tone G10 Handle Lightweight Folding Knife Total length: 188.5mm Blade length: 82.6mm Closed length: 105.9 mm Blade: 154 cm Hardness: 58-60HRC Surface: BK1 Blade thickness: 2.3mm Handle length: 105.9 mm Handle material: two-color G10 Origin: USA BENCHMADE Butterfly 275BK Adamas Black Knife This "Benchmade Blade 275BK" is designed by Adamas Seibert and designed by the blade maker Battier Seibert. This "Fold" has a Zhan Ge type raindrop blade, made of D2 tool steel, the handle is sand color G-10, 6al4v titanium bar ,nickel titanium wire, the overall grip is thick and solid, for the official release version, it is a blade that people who like Zhan Ge "Fold" can not miss. Overall length: 220mm Blade length: 97mm Closure: 123mm Blade material: D2 Hardness: 60-62HRC Surface: BK1 Blade thickness: 4mm Handle length: 97mm Handle material: G-10 Lock type: AXIS Weight: 218 G Origin: USA BENCHMADE American Butterfly 275BKSN D2 Adamas Mud Handle Tactical Knife D2 steel is high wear-resistant, micro-deformation cold-working die steel, wind hard tool steel, with carbon content up to 1.5%, chromium content up to 11.5%, and hardness up to 60 HRC after heat treatment. D2 steel can be used to make cold-working die steel with large section, complex shape, large impact force and high wear resistance, such as silicon steel sheet punching die, cold-cutting scissors, trimming die, etc. Total length 22.5cm Blade length 9.3cm Blade thickness 0.40cm Blade width 2.86cm, material D2, hardness 60-62HRC Handle G-10 Accessories Nylon scabbard, plastic tenon Origin USA Extrema Ratio Italian Extreme Force DOBERMANN IV AFRICA Doberman IV Wooden Handle Silver Doberman 4 Classic Edition, N690 blade material, black FORPRENE polymer handle, integrated keel structure, surface steel natural color wiredrawing treatment. Overall Length 31.6 cm Blade Length 18.5 cm Blade Steel B? HLER N690 STEEL N 690 Stainless Steel Hardness 58 HRC Finish SATIN FINISH Steel Natural Satin Finish Blade Thickness 6.3 mm Handle Material FORPRENE NATO Material (Thermoplastic Elastomeric Polymer) Scabbard Material LEAHER Leather Scabbard Weight 336 Grams produced in Italy Extrema Ratio Italy Extreme Force FULCRUM C desert warfare Desert Color Compact Version Fulcrum NATO Force Overall length: 210 mm Blade length: 110mm Blade: N690 Hardness: 58HRC Surface: titanium-nitrogen coating Blade thickness: 6.3mm Handle length: 100mm Handle material: FORPRENE Weight: 200 G Origin: Italy MCU STA Japanese Family Emblem MC-77DR Tuchi Mallet Damascus Knife Overall length: 165 MM Blade length: 70 MM Blade thickness: 3 MM Blade material: Damascus steel Hardness: 58-60 HRC Handle material: wooden handle Lock: line lock Weight: 59 G Origin: Japan Italian AKC Side Jump Leverletto Lever Bill DeShivs Design Sandalwood Handle Mirror Edition Total length: 152mm Blade length: 62.5mm Blade thickness: 3mm Blade: 440A Hardness: 58HRC Closure: 90mm Weight: 75 G Origin: Italy Italian AKC Side Jumping Knife with Antler Handle Length: 196 MM Blade length: 76 MM Blade thickness: 2.85 MM Blade: 440A Hardness: 58-60 HRC Handle material: antler Origin: Italy American SOG Collectors Seal 2000 Nissan Total length: 31cm Boker Plus 01BO291 Kwaiken Flipper Folding Knife Length: 210 MM Blade length: 95 MM Blade thickness: 3.2 MM Blade: AUS-8 Hardness: 58HRC Handle material: Micata Lock: line lock Weight: 124 G Origin: Germany Japanese Handmade Clam Blade Grinding Flipper M390 Steel Quick Folding Knife Available in Various Colors Length: 185 MM Blade length: 80 MM Blade thickness: 4 MM Blade: M390 Hardness: 60-62 HRC Handle material: carbon fiber Accessories: Bullet Screwdriver Blade type: water dropper Locking: integrated lock Weight: 85 G Extrema Ratio Italian Extreme Force S. E. R. E. 2 G. O. I BLACK Navy SEAL Tactical Hand Stab Back Teeth Overall length: 213mm Blade length: 148mm Blade material: N690 Hardness: 58HRC Surface treatment: mil-c-13924 Grinding blade black coating Blade thickness: 6.33 mm Handle material: FORPRENE Weight: 306 G Origin: Italy American Kaba KA-BAR 1218 USMC Half Teeth The Most Classic The Kaba 1218 is a great knife,nickel titanium wire, and no military junkie can resist its charm. Although the appearance is not very bright, it is the real military knife that the US Army still uses in countless battles in World War II. Definitely your best choice to get started! Total length 30.2cm Blade length 17.8cm Blade thickness 0.4cm Material 1095 Hardness 58-60HRC Handle material Leather pressed wrap 1095 Accessories Leather sheath Origin USA Ka-bar USMC Marine Corps Knife 1217 One of the world's top ten knives is very classic. Total length: 30.16 cm Blade length: 17.78 cm Blade material: 1095 Hardness: 58-60HRC Blade thickness: 4mm Surface: Black epoxy coating Handle length: 13 cm Handle material: leather pressed and wrapped with 1095 high carbon steel Weight: 0.32 kg Origin: United States FALLKNIVEN Sweden FK A2L Silver with Leather Sheath Most Powerful Survival Knife Overall length: 325mm Blade length: 202 mm Blade material: VG10 three-layer steel Hardness: 59HRC Blade thickness: 6mm Surface: Satin finish Handle length: 123mm Handle material: Kraton Weight: 370 G Country of origin: Sweden The above is the art photography picture appreciation, pure appreciation!!! Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. yunchtitanium.com