She promised to be surprised that she was no longer a teenage girl who loved romance and adventure, but why did Ouyang Lie still have such an attraction for her? He has always been a symbol of strength and security in her life, compared with the confusion and loss that Qin Haoge brought to her, how precious they are. Ouyang Lie's teeth seemed to be clenched tightly, revealing her nervousness. Is it just instinct? Promise wanted to ask this question, but she tried for a long time, but never showed courage. Fifty The next day at work, all kinds of troubles followed. Several veterans came to look for trouble so soon, which was unexpected. She felt that since the fight still maintained the illusion of friendly colleagues, it was more reasonable to spend a week in peace. Besides, she is still completely at the level of following Lin Tianxing to understand the company's business, and has not intervened in the administrative area at all. In the morning, he promised to go to the design department with Lin Tianxing to hear the latest advertisement for beauty products. Caiyi is a small brand made in China, which is cheap and popular in supermarkets. Recently, the company plans to change the new packaging of products, make new advertisements, think about upgrading the product grade, and by the way, raise the price. Shengtian is an old cooperative company of Caiyi,inflatable amusement park, and Xinrui has done print advertisements of Caiyi before. Taking over the TV commercial this time, everyone in the company thought it was a big pie falling from the sky, and they were afraid that they would mess it up if they were not careful. Lin Tianxing looks quite relaxed. He sat down, indicating that Xu Min could start. Xu Min introduced it in an orderly way. Start with the brand of the agent and then go to the design concept. Then several designers talked about their designs separately. Each person's exhibition board is divided into more than ten shots, which shows that they are fully prepared. Lin Tianxing listened carefully and asked, "What do you think?" Promise says: "I feel quite careful, quite good." "If Xiao Xu has anything,Jumping castle with slide, he can bring it up." All of a sudden, it was Liang Guohua, director of the design department, who was one of the veterans. Xu Nuo smiled politely at him and said, "I'm a newcomer. I don't know anything. How can I mention anything?". Only listen with an open mind. Director Xu has worked in this industry for more than ten years and has such rich experience. We should listen to his opinion. Xu Min smiled, "Xiaoxu is also learning this major, saying that he does not know anything, it is too much.". You might as well say, didn't General Manager Lin also say that he wanted me to guide you? Lin Tianxing whispered, "Tell me about it." At this point, the promise has to stand out. At first, she had reservations and praised all the design works. Liang Guohua did not wait for her to finish, he interrupted with a smile, Inflatable water park factory ,Inflatable outdoor park, "We don't want to say these nice words.". I can hear all the words of praise from the teachers in your school, and they are all cocooned. You graduated with honors. You won a student design award in school. Now is not the time for you to be a layman. Promise to scold him a thousand times in his heart. Lin Tianxing originally hoped that he could kill Liang Guohua's spirit, but at this time he only smiled and waited for the promise to show his power. She had to bite the bullet and start commenting one by one. Then what Shen Xin asked. What else can we do? Promise mercilessly bit a chicken wing, "of course, offended several designers.". I wish I had some work experience. The problem is that I am also a fresh graduate. Those people, one is Liang Guohua's niece, one is the nephew of manager Wang of the personnel department, and the other is the younger sister of teacher Xu Min. I've even offended Xu Min. "I thought he was sent down from above to help Lin Tianxing like you." He is. But he's just in charge of the design, and he's a professional. Promise took a swig of coke. "Who knows?". I looked at the things of Xu Min's sister carefully, and 80% of them were made by Xu Min, so it's not bad. The rest, rotten as garbage. I was polite enough to comment, and it only took 30% of the work. Shen Xin laughed, "you are more mean than ordinary people.". Besides, if I were you, I wouldn't save 70% of the work at all. Anyway, it's all an offense. A 70% discount is still an offense. The offended person won't remember 70% of the number you gave up. You will eventually be used up and thrown away, so why do you suppress yourself so much? Life must be full of joy, why not have a natural and unrestrained time? Promise laughed, "Your theory is so fresh!" Shen Xin asked, "What did Lin Tianxing say?" Where does he have a choice? Only Xu Min and his sister's works can be seen. Promise said, "In fact, I had expected it.". So I told Lin Tianxing that what we need to do now is to recruit a group of good designers. Shen Xin nodded, "this is a good entry point.". Why didn't you think of it before? How could I not have thought of that? Promise a wry smile, "When this year's graduate recruitment fair was held, the company planned to recruit new people.". However, several veterans in the company were very opposed, and the final compromise was to recruit a few new people who could only do odd jobs at present, fire a few good designers, and leave behind those losers. So much for cronyism. "I'm afraid Lin Tianxing can't sleep if he accepts such a company." I don't know about that. Anyway, if it were me, I would have a nervous breakdown. Promise said, "He accepted the company, to do on the road, and can not but rely on the help of a few veterans." "So the patriarch was also very aggrieved and felt that he was the bridge that had been torn down after crossing the river." The promised phone rang suddenly, and it was Lin Tianxing. What are you doing? Come out for dinner! Promise laughed. "I'm afraid I've already eaten." Lin Tianxing cried with regret, "really, I can't even find a person." "What's the matter?" "Depressed!" Lin Tianxing said irritably, "Xu Min found me just now and told me about the plan." "What do you mean?" "What else can there be? I hope I can choose his sister." Promise to smile viciously, "perhaps not only want you to choose that girl to do the plan, but also want to marry his sister to you!" "Please, I'm bored to death." Lin Tianxing sighed,Inflatable mechanical bull, "Liang Guohua also came to me after work, his niece, Zhao Xiaoyun.". She asked me to take care of her and give her a chance to exercise. 。