"By the way, His Holiness is a second-rate guy. He can't even beat me. What can he do?"? Frightened, the young lady also gave him a few sets? "If you tell him to do something, don't let him die in vain!"! You this wench, say clever but not clever, I also agree with them to teach important subordinates! "Scared, in the future?" "Hum, what will happen in the future, dare to resist?"? Don't say that I teach him second-rate things, even if I teach them first-class, if I don't obey orders, I can't teach them to go to the world of wandering souls! "Send them to the world of exile?" "No, that will destroy both men and gods!" "Miss, why is the puppet son the brother of the master of Neutron City?" "He was going to seize the position of the master of the neutron city, but later found that he could only have a chance to tie, so he gave up the original plan and became sworn brothers with the master of the neutron city. Introduced by the master, he secretly tied the front, back, left and right city masters. Now, with the strength of the five city masters, he wholeheartedly wants to seize the purple mansion sword, but the purple mansion sword was inadvertently obtained by Yilianghong." Moreover, he killed the master of Neutron City in a muddle, so he launched the master of Five Cities into the world of Seven Emotions and Six Desires ahead of time. "Miss, he still wants to seize the Purple Mansion Sword!" "He's dreaming,custom cosmetic packaging," sneered the flower girl! Yilianghong can protect himself with the Great Shura Dharma! "Miss, he's not very good at puppets!" "The puppet method is indeed the mysterious method of the world of seven emotions and six desires, but his is the middle mental method, and there is a sculpture demon who gets the lower mental method. If he gets the upper mental method, it can compete with the Purple Mansion Sword, my'Seven Realms yuan ', and the'Great Illusion Mental Method' of the General Master!" Chunxun looked at her, but did not dare to open his mouth. If you have something to say, what am I doing? Are you going to talk nonsense again? "Hee hee!"! Miss, are there more than two things for you to bring Yin Yin here? "Dead girl!"! Of course,polyfoil tube, the third one is to seize the Purple Mansion Sword, and the upper mental method of the puppet! "Forget it. Don't take the Purple Mansion Sword. Help him in secret. What's the point of taking it? Concentrate on investigating the Dafa!" "You, dead girl." When Chunxun saw her raise her hand, she immediately ran away and said with a smile, "But your love for him still doesn't stop, does it?"? Come on, I'm in the dark. He's got Zhu yuanyuan, Golden Dream, Catkins and Fu Hanxian, unless they're killed! Shut up, shut up! Chunxun, you are getting worse and worse! "Miss, don't shout!"! Almost to the place you guess, if Zhu yuanyuan is not killed, probably here! "Stop and look for a place to wait," said Hua Yongshi. "Waiting for what?" "You'll understand in an hour," said Hua Yongshi. "I see, eye cream packing tube ,eye cream packaging tube," said Chunxun in a loud voice. "In addition to mobilizing the Vulture Demon and His Holiness, the young lady has even summoned the'Four Wonders of Exile 'from the Demon World to the'Exile World.' Wonderful!" Mention exiled world'Sijue ', Hua Yongshi suddenly jumped up, as if to be reminded by the spring news to shout: "Oh!"! I almost forgot! "Quick, quick," he said hurriedly. "Chunxun, they're still guarding Xuanmen. Call them quickly!"! There is no need to guard the Xuanmen Gate. The Lord of the Five Cities is absolutely unable to go back at present. It is of great use to transfer me. "Ah!"! The young lady didn't order them to come, so what did you say just now? "I released the air and said that the puppet's upper Dafa had appeared, and the master of the five cities and the puppet's son would go out in person, leaving only more than 70 first-class men. When the vulture head demon and His Holiness started, it would be chaos, and then I could save people." "So that's it. Then I'll go now. Xuanmen will move. It won't be far. I'll bring them back right away!" "Be quick, start me to pass on your'Seven Realms Jingyuan 'secondary method. Yin Yin may arrive before you. I will change places as soon as she arrives.". ” "Miss, don't you forbid me to do anything?" "That's because I'm afraid that the Lord of the city will see that I haven't openly entered the'Baijie Xiuli Palace '. Now it's different. If I forbid you and Yin Yin again, once you meet the puppet childe and the master of the five cities, you will be too dangerous!" "Miss, when Sijue comes, I'm afraid he'll be attacked from all sides!" "You don't understand the magical power of Sijue. The attack power is not much stronger than that of you and Yinyin. Even I can't control them easily. In addition, there is no transfiguration of them in the books of the Vulture Demon and His Holiness. These two sides dare not make a move!" "Frightened!"! The shadows on the peak came out one after another. Miss, I'm leaving! She did not move, suddenly saw four strange big fellow like flying, spring news surprised way: "Sijue why automatically find, they are not afraid of young lady you punish?" Hua Yongshi suddenly chuckled and said, "How could I forget? They are the top people in the world. They have been with me for a long time. As long as I miss them, they will react!" As he spoke, he whispered, "Murder, arson, seizure, rebellion, you all know that I want you to withdraw." The four big men didn't seem to be fierce, and they didn't have any evil spirits. Why were there four of the ugliest names? The one who arrived first said respectfully, "Miss, on the one hand, we have a reaction, and on the other hand, the chief commander personally led five tours to come. I'm worried about Miss's safety. The ban is fixed, the Xuanmen Gate is sealed, and the masters of the five cities can't escape back." "Frightened!"! If the wet nurse comes in person, she will alarm the master. "No, the chief is here on the orders of the chief!"! We don't know how the overlords know what we're doing. They'll be here soon. Hua Yongshi said with a smile, "It must be the wet nurse who uses the appearance of the puppet Dafa as a pretext. Let's go!"! I don't wait for her, you follow the spring news to grab the opposite peak, the task is told by the spring news, I don't go to the peak, you come, I'm relieved, I wait at the foot of the peak, quickly! Act quickly. Chunxun went out with the sound of the four kings and rushed out like a ghost. The flower girl walked slowly by herself, feeling much better. But when she approached the foot of the mountain, she suddenly dodged and climbed onto a stone pillar. She said in a cold voice, "You two old people, you are leisurely and carefree. When you arrived at the demon world, I knew you were people with seven emotions and six desires. When you were in trouble in the world of exile and the world of evil, I helped you out of danger. I didn't expect you to peep at my actions here." It turned out that there were two old men with frosty beards and hair sitting under the stone pillar, with two boys beside them. The tall old man said hurriedly,pump tube, "Fairy, fairy, don't get me wrong. It's true that we peeped at the group of people on the peak. There are peeping fairies. It's wrong!" 。 emptycosmetictubes.com