Think of it as making him selfish for once. Dividing line In the evening, the setting sun shrouded the whole Prince's Mansion with orange-red light, bringing dazzling light to the glazed tiles. Wang Xigang carefully opened the door and came out of the study. He saw the little eunuch running from the gate of the courtyard. He frowned and whispered, "What's the matter?" It's not time for dinner yet. Do you want to die in the study? The little eunuch lowered his voice and said, "Grandfather, it's Concubine Jiang who has come to deliver cakes to the prince." Everyone knows the rules of the prince's mansion, and the prince must not be disturbed when he is in the study! But this Jiang Shufei is the "favorite concubine" that Ye often goes to sit down recently! Wang Xi was also a little embarrassed. He knew that the prince certainly didn't like anyone to disturb his work, but Jiang Shufei couldn't be dismissed at will. He could only sigh: "Well, let's go and see for ourselves!" When the little eunuch heard this, he bowed again and again. "Oh, please, Grandpa Wang!" Really is his status is too low, really dare not offend Jiang Shufei! Wang Xi arrived at the gate of the courtyard and saw Jiang Mingyue, dressed in a rose-red layered water skirt, with a delicate and bright face, a slender waist, and a romantic charm. The maidservant Shuitao, who was following her, saw Wang Xi coming out and went up with a smile. "Oh, Grandfather Wang, you're here. What does that mean?"? One by one? Wang Xi looked at the bodyguard standing in the doorway with an expressionless face. He said goodbye to Jiang Mingyue with an unhappy face. He hurriedly went up with a smiling face: "Oh, how did Jiang Shufei come in person?"? You know, the rule in our house is that no one can disturb you in the study. Look at you. Jiang Mingyue looked down on Wang Xi's gallant appearance, but he also understood Wang Xi's position. He could only hold back his anger and asked, "What's wrong?"? Is that rule still valid for the imperial concubine? Or see what she is! The only concubine in the prince's mansion! Still have the love of the prince, they also dare to block her not to let her in? When Wang Xi heard her say this, he was really helpless. He could only whisper, "Why don't you go in and ask me?"? Would you mind waiting? The heart is very clear that there will be no good results, but after all, Jiang Shufei is the master, he can not directly refuse is not? Jiang Mingyue shook her hand impatiently: "Hurry up!" Delay time! See Jiang Mingyue such water peach also put on a face, impatient mutter: "wordy is really troublesome!"! I don't know who to blame for delaying my master's time if the soup is cold later. Wang Xi looked quietly at the basket of peaches and bowed with a smile: "Hey!"! Please Jiang Shufei wait a little longer, the slave is going to pass it on! After turning round to go in, just low voice "Bah" one, cold hum: "Really regard oneself as a character! Also do not look at their own identity, but is a concubine, half master and half servant things also dare to run wild in front of Grandpa! "After I marry my wife and come back, I'll see what else she's crazy about!" The foot still hurried to the study. T ^ t suddenly feel house fight palace fight God horse good fun … Website:., Grey Marble Slab ,Stone Honeycomb Panel, please support this site! ... ... If you think this site is good, please share it with your friends:.. When Wang Xi pushed open the door of the study and went in, what he saw was the appearance of Nan Qi sitting in front of the book case and reading the copy. His handsome face was not gentle outside, but indifferent. When he heard the sound of opening the door, he did not look up, but asked lightly, "What's the matter?" Even though he had no intention of going outside, after all, the voice of the peach was not small, and he knew that someone had come to the gate of the yard. It's just that he doesn't know who it will be, after all, there are few people who can do it knowingly. Wang Xi was startled. He didn't expect the prince to hear the noise. He quickly bowed back and said, "Sir, it's Empress Jiang Shufei. She's waiting to see you at the gate of the courtyard." I thought I would hear the voice of Prince Ye's angry rebuke, but I didn't expect to respond to him with silence. Such a thought, Wang Xi in the heart is a surprised, is it difficult to prince Ye can really dote on that Jiang Shufei? Nan Qi thought of his father's praise of Jiang Shufei's father, Jiang Luren, several times in the court recently, and he had a dispute in his heart. Gently put down the brush in his hand and said lightly, "Let her come in." Only then did the stormy waves rise in Wang Xi's heart, and his love for Jiang Shufei reached such an extent! Hurriedly answered, "The slave is going!" It seems that he will really hold Jiang Shufei a little more in the future? Think of Jiang Shufei that temperament, if she is spoiled to this, I am afraid that the women in the backyard have no good life! He trotted all the way to the gate of the courtyard. Seeing that Jiang Mingyue's face was full of displeasure, he smiled and stretched out his hand: "Jiang Shufei, I want you to go in!"! You are a lucky man, one in the backyard! Regardless of the shock of other bodyguards, even Jiang Mingyue herself could not believe it. Although she had not been with Nan Qi for a long time, she could also feel the coldness of the prince. On weekdays, she went to her yard coldly. If she hadn't gone to her yard a few more times and rewarded a few more points, she wouldn't have seen that she was spoiled! She came to the study to look for the prince, but the pity girl told her that the prince had said he would let her into the study. She was so angry that she wanted to see if she was spoiled. She felt a little timid when she was stopped at the door, but if she left without even asking, she was afraid that she would be laughed to death by the others in the backyard! Only then did he insist on seeing each other, thinking that even if the prince did not see each other, he would not say anything too much. Who would have thought that the prince would allow her to go in! Shui Tao didn't think so much. Hearing Wang Xi's tone and attitude, he was very happy. He hurriedly pulled Jiang Mingyue's sleeve and said, "Empress, let's hurry in!"! Don't let the prince wait! In the heart actually thought, the master this entered the study, only feared in the backyard the woman must turn over the sky! Who dares to make trouble with the master in the future? Make the master unhappy? Jiang Mingyue hurriedly brought out the shelf,Carrara Marble Slab, and as she walked inside, she squinted at Wang Xi, who was leading the way: "Grandfather Wang is really a good slave." What kind of person is she to bow and scrape to her just now when she has the airs of doing business with her.