Ye Tian is also too lazy to explain to his father, Shi Shiran went out to wander around, this day squatting in the root of the imperial city to observe the faces of people from all over the world, for Ye Tian is also a rare experience. For the next period of time, Ye Tian still repeated his previous life and enjoyed the rare peace in the city. But every weekend, Ye Tian and Yu Qingya will travel together, more than a month down, Beijing's large and small attractions, but has been Ye Tian all over. Ye Tian, I don't want to be a reporter. Why don't I drop out of school and open a small shop together? In the backyard of Ye Tian's courtyard, Yu Qingya sits on a bamboo and rattan chair, with a big tree with luxuriant branches and leaves overhead, which is doubly cool in this hot summer. Recently, Yu Qingya is going to practice, and the internship unit has been confirmed, which is the CCTV that many people want to enter, but after only a few days, Yu Qingya feels a little bored. What kind of shop do you open? Ye Tianwen said with a smile, "I only know fortune telling and geomancy. Is it difficult for me to be a magic stick and for you to be a little sorceress?" What little sorceress? Ye Tian, you are talking nonsense again, aren't you? You don't have to clean up. Ye Dongping, who stepped into the backyard, just heard Ye Tian's words and asked strangely, but when he saw Yu Qingya's blushing face, he immediately understood. I didn't do anything, Dad. Is there a customer coming? Ye Tian knew that Yu Qingya was thin-skinned and changed the subject with a smile. Chapter 143 door-to-door thanks. "Ye Tian,wire mesh decking, Uncle Ye, then I went back to school." Hear a guest to come, Yu Qingya stood up, although she and Ye Tian have a clear love relationship, but still live in the school, and Ye Tian's relationship, is also very "pure". (724 hours of uninterrupted updates of pure txt hand-written novel m) "Xiaoya, don't go, it seems that your classmate will come too." Ye Dongping waved his hand and said, "Boss Wei called just now. He took his daughter and President Sha to sit at home. Come here together.." Through Ye Tian's relationship,warehouse storage racks, Ye Dongping and Wei Hongjun also became friends, and through the circle of Wei Hongjun sold a lot of antiques, he was able to gain a foothold in Panjia yuan so quickly, because he was from Beijing, and the help of Wei Hongjun was also an important factor. Although President Sha was very busy during this period, he would talk to Ye Dongping on the phone from time to time, and introduced several friends to buy several antiques in his shop. Ye Dongping was like a mirror in his heart, and others were looking at his son's face. At the very beginning, Ye Dongping still felt a little unaccustomed, when Lao Tzu's business depends on his son, what is this? But for a long time, he can only accept the reality, can not do Lao Tzu's self-esteem, those businesses will be pushed out, right? "I know, Dad, I'll go out later. By the way, you can take the inkstone and bring it back to Uncle Sha this time." Ye Tian nodded and agreed to come down, mobile racking systems ,heavy duty cantilever racks, he estimated that the matter of the president's adult was almost settled, this time should be to express gratitude. After hearing his son's words, Ye Dongping hesitated for a moment and said, "Ye Tian turned around.." You are not allowed to use those things to ask for money from others. During this period of time, Ye Dongping received a lot of help from Wei Hongjun and others in Beijing. In his opinion, his son's guidance to others is to help him return the favor. If he receives money from others, it will seem a little unkind. m "Dad, I don't want it." Without waiting for Ye Dongping to speak, Ye Tian immediately said, "But if someone else insists on giving it to me, I can't help it." Son of a bitch, you really think you're a treasure. Come on, come out with me. Ye Dongping glared at his son angrily. If it weren't for the fact that his future daughter-in-law was also here, he might have to exercise his right to beat his son as a father. "Brother Ye, the place where you live doesn't look like a mountain or a river from the outside, but when you come in, there's a hole in the sky.." Standing at the gate of the mansion and waiting for more than ten minutes, Wei Hongjun and Sha Lingxiao came together, followed by Wei Rongrong, who looked around, looking curious. Although Wei Rongrong grew up in a quadrangle, she lived in the quadrangle building area on the other side of Jingshan. Before liberation, the slum area was totally different from the quadrangles around the Forbidden City. Wei Laodi, President Sha, the house handed down from his family has been redecorated. Ye Dongping said a few polite words, but his face was somewhat proud. The decoration of this quadrangle, except for a pair of unicorns at the entrance and a rockery pond in the courtyard, was specially placed and built by Ye Tian, and the rest was handled by Ye Dongping. As Wei Hongjun said, the house looks inconspicuous from the outside, but inside, 1], Bridges, flowing water, rockeries, pavilions and quadrangles are very compatible with each other, giving people a very comfortable feeling. Ye eldest brother, you this courtyard yyīn Yang moderate, light and shade accompany, as the saying goes, the house is auspicious, the family can be prosperous and healthy.. Wei Hongjun, who was walking in front, praised him. Hey, these are all made by Ye Tian. I don't understand. "After hearing Wei Hongjun's words, Ye Dongping was somewhat dumbfounded. How could a person who knew his son have to praise him in a roundabout way?"? "Now this old yard is becoming less and less, our old house is about to be demolished, I will buy a set around here later, Ye Tian, you have to help Uncle Wei plan it." …” As soon as we entered the courtyard, the noise outside seemed to be blocked by the high walls around us, which made the Red Army, who grew up in the courtyard, very envious. ( m) In the past, the quadrangles in the outer city, because of their simple planning and imperfect drainage system, stunk every day,warehousing storage solutions, which greatly affected the appearance of the capital city. So in the next few years, these old and dilapidated quadrangles will be converted into modern residential buildings, and there will be fewer and fewer quadrangles in Beijing in the future.