"Why?"? Don't you think it's good to pick up money for nothing? The cloud breaks originally thought that according to her miser essence, definitely will agree to come down, which thought of her to refuse directly, the natural face reveals the doubt. Because living is my own business, but for the sake of your sweet mouth, it's worth bringing you here today. Chu Nongying feels happy for Xiaolong Aotian's innocent words. Although it is the words of a child who has not stepped into the society, it shows his sincere heart. She turned into the bookstore next to it, and soon came out with what she had bought and handed it to Yunpo: "Take it." Yunpo took the book, and on the cover was written "The Changing Form of Power", which was the book he had not found in the library for a long time. Of course, he was carrying a brand-new book, even wrapped in plastic, which was very heavy in his hands. The cloud breaks to look at the book in the hand, and then looks at the bookstore next to it, this just realizes that she is not riding blindly casually, but is thinking of oneself specially. His heart softened in an instant, and the loss of being left at home during the day was swept away. "When did you remember to buy it?" He asked. Smurf said today that Yunpo couldn't read the book. Maybe the book was not good enough. Chu Nongying thought it was very reasonable, after all, the God of wisdom could not read the book, it was absolutely the book itself that had a problem, so he decided to buy a good book to reward Yunpo. Of course,65 inch touch screen, she couldn't expose the Smurfs casually, so she said something else. Chu Nongying: "After I buy a car, I think you also have luxury things, so you won't be ashamed to say me..." Cloud break: "??" What kind of confusing operation is this? Chapter 20 Chu Nongying bought a car for himself and sent Yunpo a new book, which immediately made him more motivated to struggle in the martial arts field. She would go out by bike in the morning, rain or shine, of course,digital interactive whiteboard, with a box lunch prepared in advance by Yunpo, and then spend the whole day in the martial arts field until she came home for dinner in the evening. Because Chu Nongying is now busy with the martial arts, she simply gave the cloud to break the living expenses, began to run to his home to eat. She had not been so busy in the past, and had time to eat out or fool around by herself, but now she was so tired every day that she did not want to move at all, so she had the audacity to cheat. Yunpo didn't want to take her money, but considering the other party's extravagant financial management concept, he decided to save the food expenses and pay her back at the end of the year. He felt as if he had been raising stray cats for a long time. Stray cats usually ran around and disappeared. When they arrived at the meal point, they would swagger out of the house and eat confidently. If the core of the world becomes a kitchen God in the future, Gargamel, you are responsible. The Smurf could not bear to see her bullying the cloud and said angrily. Kitchen knowledge is also knowledge, which is very much in line with the human design of the God of Wisdom. Chu Nongying took advantage of the lunch break to sit in the stands of the martial arts field to eat and enjoy the few leisure time of the day. But there are always people who can't see her well and soon come to find fault. Do you live so shabbily when you bring a box lunch every day? The burning wolf came down the stairs. He seemed to have just finished his meal outside, still holding a drink from the fast food restaurant, and said condescendingly. When Chu Nongying heard the familiar voice, touch screen whiteboard ,interactive digital whiteboard, he was too lazy to look back at him. He said lightly, "Children love to eat outside. When you can only eat takeout every day one day, you will understand how good home-cooked food is." When she was a child, she also liked to eat all kinds of junk food and looked forward to every opportunity to eat out, but when she left home to work, she found that eating out every day would only make people feel greasy and bored quickly. She often turns over the takeout APP, resulting in a sense of emptiness that she can't choose. Anyway, no matter which one she chooses, there is no taste of home. Of course, the world in the book is a little more ruthless. She doesn't even have the option to order takeout with her mobile app. Here, she has to rely on the communicator to contact the restaurant to place an order. Seeing that she was calm as usual, the burning wolf said arrogantly, "Do you want to have a competition in the afternoon?" "Forget it. You'd better save up for what you have now." Chu Nongying recently fought with the burning wolf several times, and successfully brushed the other side down the high section. She felt that the pig still had to be fattened before it could be killed, and she could not be too impatient. The burning wolf immediately flew into a rage and said, "Who else is willing to fight with you except me now? How can you be picky?" Chu Nongying was speechless for a moment, and the other side was right. She was now a little excluded in the martial arts arena, and often could not find a suitable player for half a day. She thought about it and felt that no matter how small the mosquito was, it was meat. "Good," she said. They took a short rest after dinner and went to the airport. Other people see this scene, cannot help muttering: "Burning Wolf looks for her again, is this a case?" Why do girls have to come to the martial arts duel every day? How many famous martial arts stars in history are women? This is the realm of men! "But her ability value is high enough, at least 0.5, and the burning wolf is only 0.36." Ability value is a comprehensive rating of various physical abilities of the human body, including strength, physical strength, endurance, sensitivity, etc. Although there are very few women in the martial arts players, Chu Nongying's ability value is really strong, and other boys have no reason to drive her away, but tacitly no longer fight with her. Chu Nongying just came to the martial arts field for a few days, and he could find players to fight smoothly every day. At first, people were curious about her. Although many people disdained to play against the little girl, there were also people who wanted to beat her, so she basically had no free time all day. At first, she did not have too many moves and routines, but with her high ability value and insidious and cunning play, she won many victories, and of course, she also had defeats. She doesn't care too much about winning or losing. She always goes into the next battle without stopping. It seems that she always has a full fighting spirit, but people around her begin to pull away from her. Recently, it has become difficult for Chu Nongying to find players who are willing to fight. Even if she takes the initiative to talk to people, they will only leave awkwardly and evasively, unwilling to take out the nameplate. Chu Nongying also came to the martial arts field to know that there were few female players in the martial arts duel. No wonder Burning Wolf said it was a boy's game at that time. The field with authority and implicit rules always resists all changes and outliers. Although Chu Nongying's ability value is excellent enough, as long as no one comes out to fight,digital touch screen board, she also has no chance to get points. Burning Wolf is one of the few people who are willing to fight with her, one is that he is eager to get back from her, and the other is that he is young in the youth group. hsdsmartboard.com