Everyone is an expert, so no one needs to teach, warrior players all release the simplest and highest attack bonus crash skills, because the iron wall is released, which means that the other side is in a defensive posture, only crash can crack this armor defense! However, when my super crash landed on Oznak, the Crab King, the damage figures made me feel a little cold. “197411!” Day, this is a super crash, attack power bonus as high as 300%, but also completely ignore the physical defense skills! However, on second thought, I found that I neglected two things, the first thing, did not open the dragon's anger, the second thing, the dragon saint did not paste to this big crab! Well, I was wrong! Raised with one hand, the spell of Shenlong Shengjie had been added to its carapace, and then the meteor hit five attacks ferociously, shocking five damage figures that made people laugh off their teeth! “1!” “1!” “1!” "Crit 2!" “1!” None of the teammates laughed, but they were embarrassed to laugh and were not in the mood to laugh, because the number of injuries they played was only so little! Wing wind armor-piercing arrow power is also greatly reduced, hit the damage is only 240,Portable gold trommel,000, which makes him a little confused, "Niang, can't ah, the material is only 60%, how to absorb so much damage?" "There should be an exemption bonus in this guy's hidden genus xxìng. After all, it's a temple-level BOSS!" I ran out of the ninth section of the attack with a wry smile, and then, suddenly burst out of the dragon's anger,coltan ore processing, just cooled the collapse of the fierce chisel on the hard shell of this fellow! "Crit 98 87 42!" Not bad, very awesome! Subsequently, the Dragon Blade, which is not commonly used at ordinary times, was also released! "Crit 488 874!" People who know me are not surprised, and people who don't know me are all shocked. The world could not help sighing, "Old pervert, your skills are so fierce!" I smiled and said, "The Dragon Blade can ignore 40% of the target's physical defense, and then stack the spring and my own broken defense. Ahem, you know." "This is the strength of the elder brother," he said with a smile. "Oh, I admit that. The old man was fierce when he killed people. What you saw just now is just the tip of the iceberg." However, this kind of attack is only periodic X xìng, because the Crab King is in a completely defensive posture, so the hit rate of my Dragon Strike is almost zero, and, mineral flotation ,Carbon in Pulp, except for the Crash and Dragon Blade, most of the skills are only high attack bonus but do not break the defense belongs to X xìng. So now the actual physical attack power of Crab King is still 220,000 (20 × 2 × (145%)) for me, even if I open the Dragon's Wrath, there is no way to break its physical defense! We are like this, so is the magic guide, because the damage value set by the magic attack in Jihad is very high, the power of 1 point of magic attack is equivalent to 2 points of physical attack, so there are very few additional broken magic defense in legal jewelry and legal weapons, and the magic defense has reached 200000 after the release of Crab King's iron wall skills, not to mention the sword song cloud wind, even if the baby can not be broken. So two people can only struggle to play rock-paper-scissors in the corner. As a result, Oznak, the crab king with only 30% of his health, kept us struggling for another hour. When it has less than 1% of its blood left. Everyone finally had a knowing smile on their faces and handed their eyes to me, while I turned my eyes to our "employer", "I'm lucky to be worth 41 points, is it all right for me to push?" Hu HuāKaihu HuāLuobu stuck out his tongue again. "Dizzy, I'm only 24 o'clock." Infatuation is hard to change, little face is not red, "I am 17 o'clock, and you add together exactly 41 o'clock." "It doesn't seem to work that way, does it?" Xixi, are we still separated from each other? It doesn't hurt to add them together. ” I m m o m m o arm, "you this fellow is really enough two skin face, I did not find it before, sour me!" With these words, I have already struggled to sacrifice the two consecutive bbō attacks after the ninth section of Shenlong Shengcai! "Crash!" "Dragon Blade!" “498784!” “199988!” After the Dragon Blade was knocked out, the Crab King's carapace was punctured by me with a hole the size of a fist. The Dragon's lightsaber was extended and projected directly from behind it, and the remaining power was jjīdàng on the wall of the circular square! Oznak, the crab king, screamed in his mouth, and his whole body fell to the ground in an instant. And at this moment, my body shook, and the golden light wrapped all over my body! Upgraded, the level has finally been successfully promoted to 165! Among my teammates, there are also many players who have the glory of upgrading on their heads. Among them, Xue Yi's level has been raised to 164, still catching up with me, beating Dragon Shadow and Blood Sakura to the second place in the Asian ranking list, while Xiaojing's level has reached the fifth place. However, before we were happy for long, the body of Oznak, the crab king, disappeared in front of us, and at the same time, the system bell came. "Ding Dong!" System prompt: "The fifth Bbō monster-the attack of the dark seahorse general, the number of this Bbō monster is the fifth Bbō clearance!" Luo Lan is not depressed, "ah, what is not falling?"? Is it too stingy? But as soon as she finished, a golden treasure chest appeared from the place where Oznak's huge body disappeared, which attracted everyone's attention for a moment. There is no doubt that this must be the fall of Oznak, the Crab King! Although everyone was overjoyed, no one moved, and they all turned their eyes to the infatuation and the opening and falling of Hu Hu. Hu Huākaihu Huāluo was very knowledgeable. He walked to the front of the big treasure chest in two or three steps. He smiled and said,small gold wash plant, "Thank you for your hard work. Since this copy is played by everyone together, let's distribute it according to our needs." The infatuation is hard to change. At this moment, he also adjusted the distribution of his team to free pickup. ore-magnetic-mining.com