Although she did not know why, Sally knew that her feeling of looking down on the younger captain had disappeared when Tang Long stood in the doorway with a murderous look on his face, and now she had become a little afraid of the 19-year-old captain. Sally is very worried now, she is afraid that after Jett leaves, Tang Long will entangle herself. She knew that she did not dare to resist the people and demands of Tang Long like this, and that when the time came, she would still be able to keep her chastity for Jet? Tang Long grinned at the nervous Jett and said after a while, "Well, you're the only man I walked all the way from B-3 who wasn't shot by me immediately after entering such a room." Tang Long's understated words shook both of Jett's bodies, and a chill immediately rose in their hearts. Because Tang Long's words have made them understand how Tang Long's blood came from. The canned drink Sally held in her hand fell to the ground with a bang. Jett did not know, but Sally knew very well that there were more than fifty rooms along the way from B-3, and that the sisters living in the rooms were in a very clear situation at this time. If what Tang Long said is true, then Tang Long has killed more than fifty federal soldiers! Jett, of course, noticed Sally's shocked look, but he also knew that now was not the time to ask, he did not understand what Tang Long said, so he asked: "Kill?"? Why Tang Long bent down to pick up the canned drink that had rolled to his feet. After opening it and pouring a few mouthfuls, he squinted at Jett and laughed coldly, "Why?"? Don't tell me you don't know what you men are doing here. Jett's body shook. Of course he knew what the male soldier was doing here, so he lowered his head in silence. Then Sally, who had woken up from the shock, shouted in panic, "Sir.." Sir, you.. You shot all those people? You killed more than 50 federal soldiers? This made Jett look up in shock and look at Tang Long in disbelief. More than 50 federal soldiers were killed by the man in front of them?! Tang Long took a sip of his drink and said with a smile,Small Dc Gear Motor, "Second Lieutenant, why are you so flustered?"? They broke the third rule. What's the big deal if I shoot them? When Sally heard this, there was a strange light in her eyes, and her mouth opened, but no words came out. What's the big deal? That's more than fifty federal soldiers! How could they possibly commit a catch-three here? This is.. Jett, who turned pale and shouted, felt very incredible. Of course, he knew what the third catch-all was. How could he kill more than fifty soldiers for this reason? This is a military prostitute company! But before he had finished speaking, he suddenly lost his voice, because he saw Tang Long's cold eyes that made people's hair stand up all over, and at the same time he saw Sally's eyes that suddenly lost their brilliance. Jett knew that he had hurt Sally's heart, because his heart did not treat the women here as human beings at all. He wanted to apologize, but when he saw Sally's puppet-like expression, Gear Reduction Motor ,Low Rpm Electric Motor, he could only sigh helplessly. Tang Long looked at Jett coldly and said, "What do you want to say here?"? Say this is a military prostitute company, can you people arbitrarily and forcibly have sex with the female soldiers here? Speaking of this, Tang Long suddenly stood up and said in a cruel voice: "I tell you!"! Before I came, I couldn't control it, but I am now the highest officer of this company, they are all my subordinates, as long as I am their officer for one day, I will not let them be insulted! Anyone who dares to offend them, no matter who, will be killed! Jett stayed there in a cold sweat, afraid to move, because his brain told him that if he did anything, maybe the man with a murderous look would pull out a gun and kill himself. Tang Long looked at Jett's cowardice and snorted coldly, "Do you know why you were able to escape?"? Because you didn't force my men to do what she didn't want to do like everyone else. ” Tang Long then ordered Sally, who had been standing there all the time, "Second Lieutenant, gather in Area A 4, fully armed. I can't tolerate people who humiliate my subordinates to live happily in the world." Then he turned and left. Hearing Tang Long's words, Sally's eyes flashed, and the puppet-like expression finally disappeared. She saluted Tang Long's back and said, "Yes, sir!" Seeing Tang Long's back disappear, Jett breathed a sigh of relief. He wiped his sweat secretly and said to Sally with a smile, "Oh, what's your officer's name? He's so imposing. He doesn't even dare to breathe in front of him." Sally did not speak, but looked at Jett quietly. Jett felt uncomfortable when she looked at him. After a while, she stammered, "I'm sorry, Sally. I was just shocked that more than fifty soldiers were killed like this. I didn't mean to say that." Sally looked at the man who had once occupied her heart and supported her when her heart was broken. There was a feeling of sadness, and he finally knew that no matter how well he spoke at ordinary times, deep in his heart, he was still very concerned about his identity and looked down on these people, who had no human dignity in their eyes. Sally sighed. She knew that as a military prostitute, she could not get true love at all. She was a fool to expect true love. Farewell, the love that never existed. Sally put on a cold expression and saluted Jett and said, "I'm sorry, sir. Xiaoguan is going to carry out the orders of his immediate superior. Please help yourself." Then he turned and left the room. Jett, standing there, did not see the tears that flowed from the corners of Sally's eyes as she turned away. Jett gawked as Sally left. After a while, he pressed his chest tightly with his hand and whispered to himself, "Why did you call me sir? Don't you know how painful my heart is to hear your cold tone?"? Did you abandon me because of a slip of the tongue. I'm sorry,12v High Torque Motor, yes, my slip of the tongue reveals my inner world, but don't you know? I really love you! 。