"Mr. Rao," said Bao Shuchao, "we were going to visit you. You are here today to support our work. What Secretary Linghu said just now is also the actual situation. The old gentleman has always been open-minded, and the Rao family is the home of poetry and books in the east of the lake. In this matter, please consider from the perspective of the county government, from the perspective of improving the living environment of the old street, and give us greater support! Old man! I told you. Good-bye! Without looking back, Mr. Rao Tian went out of the door and knocked on the corridor with his crutch. Every time it rang, it was like knocking on Linghu An's heart. Linghu An said to Bao Shuchao, who was staying at the door, "How can such a person not be demolished by force?"? Isn't this asking for a price from the county government? Too. It must be dismantled. Demolition! "The city investigation team is in the east of the lake. At this time, Secretary Linghu, I think we still have to be steady." Bao Shuchao closed the door, "these two days, Ye yuanshui's spirit is much stronger.". It's like a stimulant. This man.. How? Secretary Linghu, last year, if I really left the east of the lake, maybe now. Alas! One step, one step! "What's the matter now?" Linghu An was a little angry. "How can a cadre." Stop it. Am I still in the east of the lake? Hu Dong's surname is Linghu, but not Ye! Bao Shuchao could not say any more, so he withdrew. Back to the government, I happened to meet Ye yuanshui. Bao Shuchao said, I just came from Chengguan Town. The county magistrate of yuanshui looks much better! "Right?"? It should be good! Ye yuanshui said as he entered his office. Bao Shuchao did not follow in,brass tube fitting, but returned to his office. As soon as she sat down, she received a phone call from Ye Tianzhen saying that she had arrived in the east of the lake. I'd like to invite the county magistrate Bao to sit with me in the evening. There are some things I want to discuss. I don't want the scope to be too large, just you, the county magistrate Bao, and Li Tianxing. The three of us. Is the county magistrate Bao free to arrange it? "This.." Ok! See you tonight. Bao Shuchao is trying to meet Ye Tianzhen. Recently, he also heard that the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection was investigating Xiang Tao. Ye Tianzhen and Xiang Tao's wife Min Hui have an unusual relationship. She should know the progress of Xiang Tao's investigation. If Xiang Tao really. Then, Linghu An may also be involved. Once Linghu Ann gets involved, that. This is a series of traps, once one is trapped,needle valve manufacturer, the others, like fish in the water, will be sucked into the cage. Moreover, in recent years, the characteristic of major and important cases is that if they are not investigated, once they are investigated and the lid is lifted, they often face a situation that is difficult to clean up. There are too many people entangled in it, so many that people are shocked and almost desperate. It is impossible for Ye Tianzhen not to pay attention to the affairs of Vice Governor Xiang Tao, just like Linghu An, although he does not say it, he may be more anxious than anyone else in his heart. Bao Shuchao is also anxious. At the end of the day, Qian Weizhong sent a text message to Bao Shuchao: They talked to me. Bao Shuchao wanted to call Qian Weizhong to ask what he had talked about. But when I thought about it, I gave up. Qian Weizhong does not call, but uses text messages, which shows that he is not very convenient. Then, replied a short message: "Is everything all right?"? They ask a lot and I answer less. Don't worry! Qian Weizhong's words were also brief, 14 tube fitting ,tube fitting manufacturer, and Bao Shuchao looked at them and felt that the meaning was already clear. He closed the door, opened the window, and the wind and drizzle rushed in immediately, and there was a trace of cold on his face. The coolness also surprised him. There are many means of investigation by the Commission for Discipline Inspection. At this time, will Qian Weizhong's mobile phone also be. Even his own, and Secretary Linghu's. No way! No way! Bao Shuchao thought, hurriedly closed the window, took the mobile phone, repeatedly looked, repeatedly opened and closed. There is no difference between the mobile phone and the usual one. The only difference is that there is more sweat on the mobile phone. He took a tissue from the tissue box and wiped the whole phone. Look again after wiping, the mobile phone is still the same as usual. He put down his cell phone and sat heavily in his chair, feeling that he was about to sink, calm, calm, just. Ah! Bao Shuchao quickly took the bag and opened the door. In the corridor, I met Zuo Shengnan. Shuchao County Magistrate, I have something to ask. Zuo Shengnan stood and swept his hair. Right "You have someone on the education side?" "Ah, is that the thing?"? Ah, yeah, yeah. I was just about to tell you. It's an individual, special circumstances, special circumstances! Bao Shuchao is a little embarrassed. But Zuo Shengnan smiled and said, "It's all right.". Just asking. Otherwise, it seems that I, who is in charge of education, don't know? Right? County magistrate Shuchao. But I heard that the man was.. No way "No.". Then thank the county magistrate of Shengnan. I have something to do, okay! Bao Shuchao said while turning to the stairway, Zuo Shengnan laughed in the back, he also ignored. Zuo Shengnan is a typical independent in the government. The relationship with anyone is not far or close, but the stall she is in charge of always does not like others to interfere. This time, Zuo Shengnan probably also knew that Xiao Baizhi was Secretary Linghu An, Bao Shuchao made an extraordinary move, which was really helpless. Therefore, Zuo Shengnan also just asked, beat the drum, showing that this matter is not only her charge, but also the meaning of the branch. The relationship between the county magistrate in the government, outsiders at first glance, think that every day together, words must be easy to say, things must be easy to handle. It's not. Between the county magistrates, close at hand, but across the horizon. Usually, the county magistrate is almost not very ventilated, in addition to work matters, talk more about yellow jokes, is drinking, rarely talk about themselves. Sometimes, a deputy county magistrate to do things, involving another deputy county magistrate in charge, communication between the two deputy county magistrates, it is better to directly let the subordinate units report to another deputy county magistrate. Of course,12 needle valve, Bao Shuchao has some exceptions. He is the executive deputy county magistrate, Zuo Shengnan smiled, also mostly because of this. chinaroke.com