The boy opened his mouth wide, apparently never heard of such a strange request, looked at the man in front of him, pointed to his brain, "What are you talking about?"! Who needs to be taught to fall in love? Chapter 131 dating (3). Although the feeling is very strange, but the boy in Liao Cangyi strong low temperature gas field or trembling to accept the money, as if to talk about their own experience. . After listening to these tricks, Liao Cangyi had a feeling of goose bumps. It's so disgusting. However, since everyone does this when they are in love, they are bound to be unable to avoid vulgarity. After writing it down, he patted the boy who was still trembling gratefully, gave him a bottle of drink in his hand, ignored the girl beside him who was reluctant to say goodbye, turned around and strode away. According to the boy's teaching, just buy a bottle of drink, and two people drink together with straws. Although this kind of behavior is a bit.. But the most important thing at the moment is to close the distance between two people. As a man, you should have a thick skin. If you don't take the initiative at this moment, when will you.. Encouraging himself, Liao Cangyi took a deep breath, clenched his fist, and strode to the side of the flower bed. As the distance approached, his eyebrows wrinkled deeply, and his dark and deep eyes flashed a touch of panic. She's gone.. Xiao Zitang is not waiting for him by the flower bed. Running over in a panic, Liao Cangyi breathed in a hurry and stood in place, looking around blankly. She wouldn't regret being with him, so she ran away? Thinking of this, his mood suddenly plummeted. Watching him stare at himself with sharp eyes,Edible oil filling machine, Xiao Zitang, who unscrewed the lid and picked up the drink bottle, was a little strange. "What's wrong?"? Don't you drink? Why did you only buy one bottle? His shoulders trembled slightly, and his clenched fists revealed his mood at the moment. Looking at him angrily at himself, Xiao Zitang was a little timid and stepped back with panic in his eyes. She knew best how terrible his anger was. Suddenly, Liao Cangyi closed his eyes and took a deep breath. As if trying to calm the ups and downs of the mood in his heart, for a long time, he slowly opened his eyes, looking at the woman at a loss in front of him, with a few stars in his eyes, as if looking at a lost and recovered treasure. I Just now Go over there and see what's interesting. Xiao Zitang pointed to the distribution map of the playground beside him and explained to him why he had gone away. Don't waste time on quarreling any more. Liao Cangyi walked over, took the drink in her hand, took a big sip, and stuffed it back to her, liquid bottle filling machine ,PET bottle Mold, with a strong tone. "Is it a problem for a couple to drink a bottle of drink?"? Don't leave my sight casually in the future! A little embarrassed, Liao Cangyi cleared his throat and pulled Xiao Zitang, who was somewhat bleary-eyed, "I've inquired, the most interesting thing here is." That torrent goes forward bravely. As he spoke, he pointed to the giant crocodile standing on the artificial lake not far away. The boat entered the crocodile's body along the steep and large tunnel. It was not only dark and gloomy, but also played all kinds of horrible sound effects. Along the way, there would be all kinds of ghosts jumping out to frighten people. The boy said that it was in the crocodile's stomach that he "took down" his frightened girlfriend. Looking forward to it secretly, Liao Cangyi grabbed the wide-eyed Xiao Zitang, pressed her firmly in the boat, then sat on it, put his arm around her shoulder, buried his head in her neck and laughed. Come on, throw yourself into my arms. With the start of the boat, the green artificial lake ripples in circles. The breeze was blowing with mist on his body, and when the boat rose along the tunnel, Liao Cangyi felt that his legs were weak. He's actually a little afraid of heights. "Are you all right." Xiao Zitang hugged his arm tightly and looked at his pale face with some concern. Shaking his head bravely, Liao Cangyi hugged Xiao Zitang tightly, "it's all right." What's the matter. When the boat entered the crocodile's belly from its big mouth, the light was completely dark, and the cold wind was blowing everywhere, accompanied by horrible sound effects, which made people's hair stand on end. When the first skeleton covered with blood fell from the sky, Liao Cangyi heard only a scream in his ear. Xiao Zitang rubbed into his arms. Smelling the fragrance of her hair and body, he forgot that he was high in the sky, and later he was diving down in a boat, about to comfort Xiao Zitang, when he suddenly found that she had just screamed. It's not like panic, it's like. Excitement? Staring at the woman beside her, she jumped up and waved her arms, even reached out to touch the blood-stained skeleton, and said happily in her mouth, "Still here!"! It's still here! You see With these words, Xiao Zitang quickly pulled out a white ball from the skull's eye socket and shook it excitedly towards Liao Cangyi. "It's still there for half a year. I put it here last time. It hasn't melted yet. Cotton candy!" Looking at him with his mouth wide open, Xiao Zitang made a gesture to put the marshmallow into his mouth, "Do you want to eat it?" Liao Cangyi frowned when he opened the mess with a slap of disgust. "How did you come up with such a boring thing?" "Xia Zhi taught me." Xiao Zitang proudly wrapped the cotton candy in paper towels and put it in his bag. "We bet that whoever can get it back will win a hundred yuan." Not understanding what these women were thinking, Liao Cangyi looked at the exit getting closer and closer, and his face suddenly turned blue. The almost vertical trajectory made him tremble with fear. Clenching Xiao Zitang's hand, he secretly scolded the damned boy for making up his mind. Looking at the expectant and excited Xiao Zitang beside him, he also secretly regretted why he didn't ask her if she had sat on the boat before boarding. After falling vertically from the steepest bend, the boat splashed high, two people's clothes were wet, down from the boat, Liao Cangyi was just a sense of weightlessness to make legs and feet soft,liquid bottle filling machine, with the help of Xiao Zitang, lost face and went out. Chapter 132 dating (4). Looking at the way he looked just now, Xiao Zitang knew that he didn't have a good heart.