However, Zhi Rou now lost all her immortal spirit and showed all her demon nature. She should have entered the demon way and be beyond redemption. I was about to leave the ghost, but I didn't want to bump into the travel-stained Li Shang. She is no longer the little female ghost who was weak and could be bullied and devoted to protecting the Lord. Now her facial features are stretched, her figure is graceful, and her domineering side leaks. Long time no see. Although Gu Huan and I did not do anything, but see the sudden emergence of the war, or a bit guilty. Li Shang's tone was not good, and his coda was high. "You just took the initiative to hold Huan's hand!" "Sorry, that was just an honest mistake on my part." When I saw the tears rolling in her eyes, I quickly choked, unwilling to stimulate her any more. Volume III Chapter 103 Cave of Ten Thousand Snakes (First Watch) Li Shang's mood took a turn for the worse, and her cheeks, which had been full of joy, were suddenly depressed. "I worked so hard to build a ghost, and named it'Gu Pan Liancheng ', hoping that one day Huan would change his mind.". As soon as you appeared, all my efforts went up in flames! Look around Liancheng, this is the original meaning! This feeling is comparable to Jin Jian. My throat was so tight that I wanted to explain, but I found that many things were useless to say more. Wang, let's go. Shen Yu stood in front of me, isolating me from the domineering Li Shang. I nodded slightly and quietly left the dark ghost with Shen Yu. When I first stepped into the gate of death, perhaps I was too impatient,china tile trim, and I didn't notice anything unusual. When I got out of the ghost, I realized that the ghost had few complaints and few wandering souls. There must be something fishy about it. King, where shall we go to find your Highness? Shen Yu interrupted my train of thought and looked at me blankly. Suburban Snake Cave. In his mind, the black box suddenly said, "The snake clan likes to live in groups. There is a moderate snake cave on the outskirts of Beili Capital City. It must be Gu Zhirou's nest." "At present, we can only try our luck in the Snake Cave on the outskirts of the city!" As soon as my voice fell, the box sent me to the snake cave. If it transports me outside the snake cave, that's all. Unexpectedly, the careless black box threw me directly into the snake cave! I sat slumped in the dark,stainless steel tile edge trim, damp hole, and in the blink of an eye, several small snakes brushed against my arm with their belly in a complex pattern, which made me get goose bumps. Smelly box, didn't you do it on purpose? My fingertips twirled the fire of thunder and curled up in a corner, not daring to move at all. However, in my mind, I heard the even breathing of the black box again. It seems that the black box can not be counted on! With black threads all over my head, I crept to my feet and scanned the not spacious cave by the glimmer of my fingertips. On the top of the cave, there seemed to be thousands of vines hanging down. The wall of the cave is a sharp and uneven rock mass. At the foot, the ground is soft and cool. I was wondering where the coolness on the soles of my feet came from when I suddenly felt something wrapped around my ankles. When I looked down, I found that dozens of small snakes were wrapped around my ankles along my shoes. Hiss- I can not help but gasp, although these small snakes do not have much attack power, but the number is huge. When I moved a little, the ground under my feet rolled like waves. Fire Phoenix, tile trim factory ,stainless steel tile trim, come out! I urgently called the fire phoenix, hoping that the fire all over its body could disperse the small snakes that were pestering me. With the sound of a jittery phoenix, the fire phoenix came out from between my eyebrows and proudly mediated over the Snake Cave. The light of the fire all over its body illuminated the dark snake cave. Ah When I saw everything around me, I couldn't stop screaming. Originally, the vines hanging from the top of the cave, the uneven rock mass on the wall of the cave, and the cool ground on the soles of the feet were all covered by colorful snakes. As soon as I looked up, a small snake with thin willow branches, spitting snake letters and swinging its slender body, attacked me at the tip of my nose. Host, I'm afraid! The fire phoenix spat two sparks, the effect is very little, then curled up into a ball, to my arms. I had hoped that the fire phoenix would burn the snake cave in one mouthful, but seeing that it was so afraid of these flying snakes, I had to put it between my eyebrows and fight alone. Ten thousand swords fly together! I killed these flying snakes crazily with sharp ice skates, and my heart became more and more flustered. If the little boy is really thrown here by Gu Zhirou, there should be some movement. Now I have killed half of the flying snake, why is there no sign of the little boy? Is it difficult that the little boy has been eaten up by this group of cold-blooded evil? Think of this, my heart magic is difficult to suppress, more manic and restless! "If my son makes any mistake, I want all of you snakes to be buried with him!" I was red-eyed, and the divine power of the Dantian was gradually controlled by a powerful demon. The next moment, I kept the heat of the Dantian burst, shining into the sky. Ah Tens of millions of electric currents ran amok in my body, and the feeling was like being under Sendai and being struck by eighty-one thunderbolts, and the pain was extreme. But after the pain, an immeasurable force burst out from the body. There is no wind in the cave, but because of the power of my gods and demons, the wind is raging. I was torn by the flying snake, and my ragged clothes flew up and down and made a hunting sound. This sound, but like the sound of drums on the battlefield, this scene, with an overwhelming momentum, deafening, making the surrounding flying bodies have retreated. When the snakes retreated, I stood alone in the empty snake cave, giving birth to a trace of pleasure. A little calmed breath, I lifted my foot, unexpectedly stepped on a string of ice-sugar gourds that had been bitten, and the original pleasure turned into smoke in an instant. I crouched down and sniffed the smell of ice-sugar gourds, and hot liquid gushed out of my eyes. After all, it's too late! I clenched my fists, my fingernails were deep in my palms, I was bleeding, and I didn't know the pain. Mother, kiss! At the mouth of the cave, suddenly there was a soft sound. As soon as I raised my eyes, I found that the little boy was carrying dozens of small snakes, standing happily in the hole,tile trim manufacturers, with a dazzling light on his face. Good boy! I held him happily in my arms, but dozens of snakes in his hands wrapped my neck tightly. The little boy freed up one hand and clumsily wiped the tears on my cheek. "Mother loves to cry as much as Ono!"! I can't do anything about you! Although I feel a little ashamed, I feel more fortunate.