He Zhi then got up from bed, "go to the company to accompany me today?" Every time after filming is his busiest time, the company has accumulated too many things to deal with, but also want to stay with her, after all, two months of exotic love, hard to endure. Shiyin's daily life now is to go to the library to review, and go to his company to review as well, so he agreed, "but I have to go back and get the book." He Zhi rubbed her hair. "Well, I'll accompany you back to get the book first." It happened to be the National Day. There were many tourists in B city. The road was very congested. He Zhi drove Shiyin back to get the book, and then went to the company. It was already 12:30 at noon. After lunch in the company canteen, Shiyin stayed in He's office to read quietly in the afternoon. He Zhi had two meetings, which lasted from one to five in the afternoon. When he returned to the office, he sat cross-legged on the carpet, biting the end of his pen and reading. There are two cups of milk tea on the tea table next to it. One cup is finished, and the other is half finished. He Zhi shook his head and went over to pick her up. "Don't bite the pen." This habit is like a pupil, he Zhi can not help but want to give her a correction. He pointed to two cups of milk tea. "Why did you order two cups?" He doesn't like to drink these things, and he usually only orders one cup for her. Shiyin grabbed the pen from his hand and turned it around. "Buy one and get one free. You're not here,DIN screw plug, so I'll drink it all." He Zhi rubbed her stomach, "so you can drink?" Shi Yin nodded and pulled out a book next to him and asked him what the economic theory was. He Zhi thought about it and answered fluently. Shi Yin then asked other questions. He Zhi felt like her private tutor, but he still answered her questions one by one. Finally, Shi Yin himself said, "General Manager He, I don't think you are like my boyfriend. You are like the free tutor I found. You know everything you ask. It's better than Du Niang!" He Zhi pinched her waist and bit her lips. "Not like your boyfriend?" He also went up to the top like a hooligan, and when his face was hot,die cast light housing, he quickly begged for mercy, "like like!"! You're the most like! He Zhi didn't let her go. "Just like?" Shi Yin: "You are!" And he went around it! With He Zhi as a "free tutor" and "human form", Shi Yin simply moved the review place from the library to his office, and stayed with him when there was no class. Occasionally, he got off work too late, and Shi Yin didn't want him to send himself back and forth in vain, so he went directly to He Zhi's house. For a long time, Shi Jia winked at her as soon as she saw her and said to her, "Yin Yin, pay attention to measures." Shi Yin: "!" I know you're driving! He Zhi's micro-blog has not been open for a long time, and fans once thought that he was missing again and had gone to play all over the world. But they are all quite used to it. Who let him be like this at the beginning. This day, Shiyin read a book and got into a dead end. He talked to him for an afternoon before he got her out of the dead end. Then he took a picture of the tea table full of books and sent a micro-blog- "Family Education Daily." Half an hour after sending the micro-blog, it became a hot search. After all, Steel investment casting ,die casting parts, it's a micro-blog that has been waiting for months, and fans can't help but be excited. "Ah, ah, ah, the missing person has finally returned!" It's not a selfie! Not happy! "Ha ha ha ha, what's the dream upstairs? When did He Shen send a selfie?" "The truth.." We'll be satisfied to know he's not missing. "My concern is who I am tutoring, my relatives and children? Ha ha ha ha!" "Pass my analysis, this is university textbook, this just National Day, be the review that prepares to take an examination of grind?" "He Shen's handwriting is really beautiful!" "***!"! Upstairs said the word looks good! After my observation, there are two people's fonts in the picture, the other looks a little delicate, suspected to be a girl's font! “! Sherlock Holmes! "***?"? My husband has a girlfriend? "Official announcement??" "Don't get excited, it's definitely not an official announcement!"! He Shen is a super scholar. It's normal to help relatives and children make up lessons. Besides, if you have a girlfriend, it's too young. "I just wonder who this kid is. I'm crazy with jealousy!" …… Instead, Shi Yin posted a few selfies with the caption: "Forcibly open for business.". ” Not to mention that the two fans at the same time are in the same mood as the Chinese New Year, on the other hand, "Passing Away" has been finalized. I missed the National Day and it will be released at the end of October. Shiyin didn't even attend the roadshow because of the review. The heroine was absent from the roadshow. All the media asked about her news during the roadshow. Director Qu knew the reason and took the initiative to explain to the media: "Shi Yin was preparing for the exam, so she couldn't take part in the road show. She expressed regret, so she recorded a video for us, which will be shown to you later." On the same day, Shi Yin also sent Weibo to tell his fans that he was concentrating on preparing for the exam and that there would be no activities or shooting plans in the next few months. Fans are a group of people with a keen sense of smell, and they suddenly notice something from the two things one after the other. Damn it! Yin Yin takes the postgraduate entrance examination! Who remembers the micro-blog sent by He Shen half a month ago? Me, me, me! I remember! That family education routine! "***, ***, ***!"! No way! "Coincidence?"? No, I can't accept it! "Ah, ah, ah, how can you!"! How can my female goose! I don't agree! "Ah, ah, ah, Yin Yin Zai!"! We don't object to you falling in love! But we have more options! You, Kangkang mothers! "Although He Shen is super good!"! But you are still young, we are not in a hurry, we can pick again! It hasn't been officially announced yet! Don't YY here! But I also want to say one thing! Not allowed "Why do I think it's true? Is there such a coincidence?" "My mind is broken!"! One is my husband candidate (although I know it's a dream), and the other is my female goose! Ah, ah, ah, dog man! "Ha ha, what's the matter? What's the matter with your painting style? It's the first time I saw someone say" He Shen Dog "ha!" "I won't say anything else,non standard fasteners, but if He Shen really arches my cabbage, then I want to say that he is a real dog!" "Crying, isn't this the old cow eating the tender grass?" 。 autoparts-dx.com