"Ah!"! This This is righteousness! I'm burning, too! Naoe Kaneyu also came to the spirit, "Let us also follow a few adults to fight!" "I said.." At this time, the dead brother (the lanky and agile one) moved to the side of Izu Masatoshi in an instant. Whispered in his ear, "Let them go over." He raised his head and glanced at the men with one eye. These three righteous idiots are very strong. And Fight them.. I feel so humiliated. "Well.." That's true, too. Izu Masatoshi answered in a low voice. Then he raised his head and looked at the four in front of him. Alas. Well, since you all say so, please.. ………… Meanwhile, at the other end of Matchless, by the river of fire. Who are you? [Xiu Tuo] (another guy who looks like Jiao) looks at Qi Sha and asks. Dressed in the "Blade" uniform, Seven Kills looks like a passer-by. The uniform of their community is very simple, a moderate thickness of dark clothes and trousers, clothing materials are very tough, easy to move, in short. It's all about being low-key and practical. I said, my name is Seven Kills. Seven kill neither humble nor pushy to look at each other, calmly replied. He has a good mentality-if he can't fight,Faux cherry blossom tree, he won't fight. If he really wants to fight, I'm not afraid of you. So I ask you.. Who is it? "I've never heard of you," added Xiutuo. He looked back at the other two demons behind him. "Do you know this one called Seven Kills?" A second later, both of them said no. Look, no one knows you. Xiutuo shrugged his shoulders and looked at Qi Sha. "I see your shape." Probably a minion, too. There's nothing wrong with his logic, but as a public face,large palm trees for sale, he doesn't seem to be qualified to say, "I advise you that if you can't even beat a soldier, you'd better go straight back." "Oh.." Seven kill a slight smile, "I think, point soldier long I still beat." "Really." Xiu Tuo answered, "Well, let's make a few moves. If you're lucky enough not to die, I'll let you go." "Yes." Seven kill way, "you attack first." "What did you say?" Xiutuo froze for a moment, then smiled, "Ha." Ha ha ha Are you funny? You use a weapon like a glove, and let me, silk ficus tree ,faux ficus tree, who uses a spear, attack '? "First. He shook his head and read, "Have you ever heard of an inch long and an inch strong?"? "I have a much longer indirect attack distance than you. Isn't the first attack equal to bullying?" "You seem to be quite moral." Seven kills also laughed. How interesting That is ~ "Xiu Tuo is complacent way," who do you think this uncle is? No one in yuan Lv Zhi's army knows that I, Lord Xiutuo, am a real man. "Then I'll help you without hesitation." Seven kills should say. When you say this.. His voice grew colder and his eyes changed. Xiu Tuo was also keenly aware of this, and immediately put on a parry posture: "Oh?"? The tone is not small. All of a sudden, the atmosphere around. Surprise! Even the magic soldiers and generals behind Xiutuo felt this change. Above the moors, on the edge of the river of fire. Evil clouds are surging, and the spirit of war is towering. Seven kills the blazing eyes to concentrate, the fighting spirit bursts out, dashes forward a blow, explodes the vigorous fist type. Xiu Tuo held his breath to gather knowledge, and the evil spirit was burning high. He brandished a spear with a mighty fist wind. Hundred and four types. Wild bite !” "Block seriously!" Instantly, the fists and spears are staggered, wiping out the strange light of double gas. [Name: Hundred and Four. Wild bite 】 [Skill Card Attribute: Active Skill. Permanent Mastery] [Skill Type: Combat] [Effect: Bend left knee, rotate upper body, and throw a side hook forward (cooldown 30 seconds)] [Cost: Energy Value 100] [Learning Condition: Combat Specialization B] [Note: The basic style of Kusanagi ancient dance can be connected with 125 styles. Shichise One hundred and twenty-seven types. Eight One hundred and twenty-eight types. Nine injuries and external forms . Build through 。】 This is a very simple move, in terms of power is not as good as the C-level combat expertise can learn the "South Dragon Fist" (of course. The physical energy consumption of Flying Dragon Fist is eight times that of Flying Dragon Fist, and the speed is only moderate. But the reason why it is defined as a B-level skill is because of its rich subsequent changes. People who are proficient in fighting games know that if you want to play well, you should use super kill. Want to win.. It also depends on the "even move" composed of many common moves. For a character who still has a lot of blood, it's not terrible to be killed in the super, but it's not terrible to be bitten in the wild. You're gonna have to sweat it out, because the next time you can move. Maybe there's only blood left. Boom There was an explosive sound, and the two figures stagnated. Seven killed right fist, hit the spear body. His right hand trembled slightly, while Xiutuo held the spear in both hands. All trembling slightly. Can I cross the bridge? Asked the seven killers in a deep voice. Uh With a murmur, Xiutuo stretched out his arm to push the spear and jumped back. Please.. "Thank you." Seven kill also with the other side polite, then shook his hands, strutted past. When the magic soldiers at the bridge in front of him saw him coming, they also retreated and made way for him. He's a good man. Xiutuo gazed at the back of the seven killings and read out a gay line. The confrontation of the move just now seems to have a beginning but no end, but in fact, it has been divided. At the moment when the fist of the wild bite hit the spear, if Xiutuo failed to gain more than 30% advantage in strength, he would lose. Because Next, as long as you are willing to kill seven, you can use your left fist at any time, and then another one. One more move.. Within five strokes, Xiutuo's posture will be removed, his posture will be destroyed,artificial grass panels, and finally, he will suffer a real blow. Although this blow does not mean the loss of the whole battle (Xiutuo can also recover the disadvantage through matchless awakening and other means), he undoubtedly suffered in the first round of confrontation. Of course The reality is that the seven kills did not finish the round of combos. hacartificialtree.com