In fact, your father did not suffer from the white eyebrow bee tail, so he pretended to be dangerous. It was also caused by Zhong Lichun's verification of martial arts. It was easy to provoke your father's anger. He fell into the art without feeling it! Shu Xiangfei was clever and sagacious. "Why did Xing Wubi frame my father viciously?" He asked fiercely. "At that time," said Wei Fengchi, "your reputation as a swordsman was already above that of Xing Wubi, so that Xing Wubi had the feeling that he had given birth to Yu and He had given birth to Liang. If you want to get rid of your father with the power of Zhong Lichun, you will lose both sides. He can take the benefit of the fisherman. Unexpectedly, the master of this cave is not Zhong Lichun, but Hao Tianzi. Shu Xiangfei said, "Isn't it self-contradictory for Xing Wubi to do this? He had the intention to get rid of my father. Instead, he saved him and framed him. The reason is obvious." "Shaoxia," said Chu Qingshi, "you have been wise all your life, but you have been confused for a while." If Zhong Lichun is removed from your father, Xing Wubi will gain both fame and fortune, and your father will be grateful. In this way, Xing Wubi will be famous all over the world and become a chivalrous man. Shu Xiangfei was surprised to hear that Xing Wubi's scheming was unparalleled. When speaking, Qiu Tianxiang looked at the color of infinite guilt. He said with a wry smile, "Qiu is not in Jianghu. Naturally, I don't know who Xing Wubi and your father are. I wanted to escape from the forbidden cage. I saw Xing Wubi pointing to the ground and explaining the way to the cave. Qiu hurried down the cliff to report it. A group of evil spirits went out to attack him. Your father and Xing Wubi had excellent martial arts. Eight evil spirits fell off the cliff and died.". At this time, Qiu Mou had a plan,interactive panels for education, jumped down the cliff, chose an unrecognizable corpse to hide in the cliff gap, and saw your father and Xing Wubi both rush into the cave. I saw Qiu Tianxiang said this words stopped, as if thinking about the past, fell into a meditation. It was only after a long time that Qiu Tianxiang gave a deep sigh and said, "About a cup of tea passed. I saw Xing Wubi escape from the cave alone. He was like flying away." The group of evil spirits followed one after another. Qiu held his breath and did not dare to move at all. After the group of evil spirits returned, he did not see his father come out. At that time, Qiu was indifferent to the matter and fled for his life. He escaped from the mountain and returned to his house while he fainted in the dark of the moon. I only feel that I have been a man for two generations,smart boards for conference rooms, and the matter of being trapped in a bandit's cave has been kept secret. Even Zhuo Jing is ignorant at all. If it weren't for Mei Er's father rescuing Shaoxia, I have no intention of asking for the name of Shaoxia's father. I'm afraid it will become a mystery in Wulin forever! Tao Guang couldn't help laughing and said, "You can see a drink and a peck. Is it possible that you have decided that Shaoxia has no resentment against the old four now?" However, because Aunt Lan repeatedly told her not to tell the truth to Shaoxia, even though the old man and others had the intention to break it, some of them dared to disobey the pestle. Liu Tiehen glared at Tao Guang angrily and said with a sneer, "Old Tao can't speak. It's too late to be grateful, Shaoxia. Why do you have resentment? You know Hua Mei's family and are glad to know the whereabouts of Master Shu. Have you ever met such a good fortune in your lifetime?" Tao Guang and Liu Tiehen sang together, and Shu Xiangfei could not help blushing. Chapter 16 shameless and obscene. Chu Qingshi was afraid that Shu Xiangfei would not be able to hang on his face. He said, "Old Qiu, there are many difficulties and dangers on the way. You should be careful and try to protect yourself. Don't do it when you don't need to do it. Chu is entrusted by Aunt Huang. I really have to!" Wei Fengchi noticed Shu Xiangfei's excitement and said with a straight face, "Shaoxia, the old man knows how you feel. He wants to fly to Yuxudong Mansion to rescue your father.". But things in the world are more haste, less speed. So your mother, your teacher and Mr. Yan don't want you to know this in advance. If you are impatient and miss your father's life, touch screen board classroom ,75 smart board, will you hold a grudge for the rest of your life? When Shu Xiangfei heard this, he broke out in a cold sweat and said, "I'd like to follow the advice of Old Chu." Have nothing to say all night. The next morning, Shu Xiangfei and Qiu Tianxiang were on their first trip to Funiu. Although Chu Qingshi and other four elders went together, they pretended not to know each other, except for Shu Xiangfei's true face, the rest were disguised. On the fourth day, Shu Xiangfei and Qiu Tianxiang walked into a roadside restaurant in Xinye, Henan Province. The restaurant was called a restaurant with a bamboo stretcher, empty on all sides, and more than ten wooden tables. In fact, people in the north are accustomed to pasta, selling steamed buns and noodles. By this time, there were already five or six seats in the bamboo shed, and most of the amazing people were Jianghu people, with silk tassels fluttering on their shoulders, and they looked rough and heroic. As soon as I saw that Shu Xiangfei was so handsome, especially the special form of Yuhao Hook Sword on his shoulder, which was very eye-catching, I looked at it several times. After sitting down, Chiu Tien-hsiang ordered the shopkeeper to serve him food and wine, steamed buns, and steamed stuffed buns. Shu Xiangfei casually looked around and sat down slowly. Moments later, the shopkeeper brought two large plates of steaming steamed buns, meat buns and mutton soup, a large plate of stewed beef and five catties of wine. Shu Xiangfei picked up a pair of meat buns and took a bite. He felt the soup was delicious. "I didn't expect this village shop to be so delicious!" He exclaimed. Suddenly I heard the voice of Tao Guang: "Shaoxia, I just received two summons." Among them, Aunt Lan knew that He Su-su and Yue Tianxuan Xingjun had gone to Jiuhua Chiheling, and Jiuhua became the general altar of Xuanlang religion. Qiu Tianxiang naturally did not know that he was waiting to be stopped by Shu Xiangfei's eyes. Tao Guang said, "There is an evil spirit in the Yuxu Cave. His name is Patriarch Haotian. Jiao Shuping, the head of the altar under him, is a temptress. He Su-su's old lovers turned against each other in the past." Outside Mount Huangshan, Jiao Shuping ordered his three disciples to try their best. He Su-su captured two of them and escaped. One of them, Dongfang Liang, was played by Jin Xiang. Then he told Xing Wubi that he was on his way to Funiu. Funiu Xing Wubi had ambushed his powerful forces and surrounded Yuxudong Mansion. He ordered Shu Xiangfei to stop Xing Wubi as much as possible and delay his journey! Shu Xiangfei looked at the shed and found that Tao Guang Si Lao was already present. With a slight smile, he filled Qiu Tianxiang's cup with a glass of wine, and then filled his own. After toasting, he whispered, "Uncle, did you know Jiao Shuping when you were in Funiu?" Qiu Tianxiang thought for a long time, shook his head blankly and answered, "Qiu doesn't know!" Shu Xiangfei knew that Qiu Tianxiang had escaped from Yuxu Cave for many years. It was obvious that Jiao Shuping had thrown himself into the gate of Emperor Hao and Qiu Tianxiang was no longer there. He supposed that Dongfang Liang did not know him either. "I'm just asking, little nephew," he said with a smile. During the meal, a handsome middle-aged man came in quickly, dressed in gold, red, yellow and green brocade clothes. He sat down at a wooden table next to Shu Xiangfei. He repeatedly urged the shopkeeper to serve food and wine,interactive panel board, and said he was still on his way. Shu Xiangfei recognized that Jin Xiang played the role of Dongfang Liang, and Jin Xiang and Tong Han were Jiao Bulimeng and Meng Bulijiao, but he did not know where Tong Han was.