"It should be very happy!" Yi Jinghong laughed, some people throughout their lives, but also can not find a person worthy of his efforts and efforts, that is the real sadness. Fortunately, he has found it. I really want to try it! Jun Hong has some feelings. 21. Ye Fu One Day The next day, Jun Hong came as promised, bringing only Yi Jinghong and Wei Qi, the bodyguard. Seeing the two bowls that Ye Luo held out, the corner of the eye of the shadow in the wind pumped mercilessly, while Yi Jinghong, after a slow and long breath, turned his eyes elsewhere. Wei Qi jumped out and pulled out his sword with a sound. The tip of the sword shook in front of Ye Luo. "Bold Ye Zhi!" Ye Luo was not afraid of the sword beating in front of her eyes. She grinned, "Your Highness, didn't you promise me?" Wei Qi refused to budge an inch and snapped, "Ye knows you have evil intentions for such a big bowl!" Ye Luo gently pushed aside the tip of his sword with his hand, carefully put the bowl on the table next to Jun Hong, and then looked at him expectantly with a pair of eyes. Jun Hong took one look at her, pulled up his sleeve without saying a word, and cut it down with a very quick knife. Your Highness! Wei Qi exclaimed, but only had time to rush to his side, only to watch the bright red blood rush out. He hated to stare at Ye Luo, if the eyes can kill people, it is estimated that Ye Luo has been killed by him a thousand times. One bowl was full, another bowl dripped in quickly, and the thick smell of blood spread in the hall. Jun Hong's face gradually pale,Heme Iron Polypeptide, Jane Fan frowned, silently took out a small bottle from the medicine box. As soon as the bowl was filled, Junhong's body shook, and Jane Fan stepped forward and poured the medicine into Junhong. But Wei Qi blocked it. "What is it?" "Blood tonic." Wei Qi held out a hand. "I'll taste it first." "It doesn't matter!" Junhong closed his eyes. Wei Qi then put down his hand, Jane Fan gave him the medicine, and began to bandage again. Wind shadow went to the table to carry medicine, Ye Luo also followed the past, asked in a low voice, "Wind,Glucono Delta Lactone, I heard that he was poisoned, this blood will not be poisonous ah?"? I don't know if it works. You have to try it first. With a bang, Junhong kicked over the stool beside him and pointed to Ye Luo, "Ye Zhi, you are heartless.." Before he had finished speaking, his eyes rolled over. Your Highness! "Your Highness!" Yi Jinghong and Wei Qi hurriedly caught him one left and one right. Childe! The shadow of the wind sighed helplessly, looking sympathetically at the fainted Junhong, the poor prince, is to help a white-eyed wolf. Ye Luo looked back at the crowd innocently, but she was just telling the truth. But looking at Jun Hong, who was as pale as paper, she finally felt a little guilty. Well, others, regardless of their own identity and safety, shed two bowls of blood without saying a word. She was not grateful, but she dared to dislike it. No wonder those who had shed two bowls of blood did not fall down were dizzy with anger by her words. Because of this guilt, she rarely made the bed and folded the quilt herself, and watched someone wake up. Really too boring, Nonoxynol 9 Factory ,S Adenosyl Methionine, do not want to follow Wei Qi big eyes to small eyes, she can only sit on the edge of the bed with both hands holding cheeks, carefully looking at Jun Hong. To be honest, Junhong, who is sleeping quietly, actually looks very good. As if she had suddenly discovered something new, she looked around Junhong's face several times. What are you looking at? Wei Qi is really disgusted with this person to the extreme, really what good voice. Ye Luo pointed to Jun Hong's face, "do you think this boy is still very handsome, tut, it's a pity that this good skin!" "Who are you talking about, this boy." Seeing that Wei Qi was about to jump up again, Ye Luo made a shush gesture, pointed to Jun Hong, and whispered, "Don't wake up your precious prince." Wei Qi looked back, and sure enough, Junhong frowned a little, so he reluctantly shut up and continued to kill people. The sun is setting and the sky is full of sunset glow. Ye Luo held his face in one hand and lay in front of the window staring into the distance. The rays of the sun reflected on her face, with a blurred temptation. Jun Hong opened his eyes and saw such a scene, which seemed to be real and illusory. For a moment, he could not tell whether he was awake or in a dream. "Ye Zhi!" He called out. Ye Luo turned his head, his eyes lit up and he smiled brightly. "You're awake." She ran over and looked at his face carefully. "It looks much better now. Is it all right? Is it dizzy or uncomfortable?" Junhong closed his eyes again. Ah? Do you still feel bad? A pair of hands reached into his forehead, soft, with a delicate touch, "I'm going to call Jane Fan." Aware of the soft distance, Junhong reflexively pressed his forehead. Her hand, soft if boneless, Jun Hong's heart slightly jumped, he opened his eyes, eyes clear and frightening, "this is not a dream?" In the impression, Ye Zhi had never been so pleasant to him. In fact, Ye Luo is also a little uncomfortable, after all, so big hands hold her, the scorching temperature from the place where two people's skin touches each other, it is not easy to ignore. She smiled and pulled her hand out forcefully. "Wei Qi, come in quickly. Your Highness is awake." As soon as her voice fell, Wei Qi came in with a bowl of medicine. "Your Highness, you're awake. Come on, drink some medicine." Ye Luo took the opportunity to stand aside, Jun Hong looked at her, sat up, took the medicine and drank a few mouthfuls. Your Highness, aren't you most afraid of drinking medicine? Wei Qi opened his eyes wide beside him. His Highness, if you can't drink medicine at ordinary times, you won't drink it. If you really have to drink it, you have to turn them upside down before you can drink it. How can you be so happy today? "Talkative!" Jun Hong gave a rebuke. Ye Luo chuckled, but before Jun Hong's line of sight swept over, he turned his face elsewhere. After Wei Qi went out with the empty medicine bowl, Jun Hong lifted the quilt and sat on the bedside, then looked at Ye Luo. Ye Luo was puzzled by him. "What's wrong?" Jun Hong looked at her two eyes, did not make a sound, and waited for a while,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, see the leaves still did not respond, he took out his shoes from under the bed, began to dress. pioneer-biotech.com