Mailers Market Will Escalate Rapidly in the Near Future The global mailers market is expected to reach a valuation of US$ 2.9 Bn in 2022. With sales growing at a 5.1% CAGR, the market valuation will reach US$ 4.8 Bn by 2032. Packaging companies across the globe are using mailers as a reliable and protective solution while shipping products. Padded mailers are generally made from polyethylene, kraft paper, and fiber-based materials. the Increasing demand for electrical gadgets is propelling sales of cushioned mailers, which is expected to augment the growth in the market. Manufacturers are including to improve the capabilities of mailers. They are also using recyclable materials to keep up with the sustainability drive across the globe. Key players are investing in cohesive cold seal packaging techniques in mailers to ensure maximum protection of products. These mailers ensure optimal sealing for cold seal materials and does not bind with other comparable materials, thereby reducing distribution costs and damage incurred while shipping cold products. These mailers reduce the shipping time and maintain the quality of products packed within. Padded mailers do not require structural support and thick padding. This improves their efficiency in transporting goods, taking lesser time, while enabling manufacturers to store and ship them in smaller spaces Further, cushioned mailers are being adopted in the ecommerce sector owing to their benefits such as cost-effectiveness and light weight. Increasing sales of various products through online retail channels will continue pushing sales in the market. β€œSurging demand for eco-friendly packaged... (More)